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Message from the High School Principal

With the experience it has gained from the date of its establishment for serving to Turkish National Education, Bahçeşehir schools opened Kocaeli Bahçeşehir Anatolian High School in our province in the academic year 2006-2007 and thus added a new one to the schools it opened in different cities of our country.

The basic principle our school, which I am honoured to be a member of, is to train generations who are sincerely committed to Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms, who do not compromise national values, who are open to developments, who fully understand the necessities of the age and are capable of bringing our Republic to the level of modern civilizations.

We consider our students as happy and nice people who can think freely, take decisions independently, express themselves easily everywhere, can speak at least one foreign language, who are academically successful and socially competent, and I promise we will provide full support to our students in every aspect. I am sure that we have all relevant information, experience and equipment both in the Anatolian High School and in our efforts to be authorized as an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) school. Our target is constantly to compete with ourselves and create the best and a perfect learning environment.

We trust young people and believe that we will integrate them into the society as good and successful people who are aware of their responsibilities.