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Our Campus

We are a growing High School.  We currently have three classes of normal Anatolian High School and one modified programme in G9, two normal and one modified in G10 and a mix of Turkish Maths and Maths/Science track students in G11 and G12. The maximum number of students in classes in our High School is 24. Students may move class depending on the academic success.

Arrangements in classrooms are the same at every grade. Classrooms are standard throughout; but desk and table orders setting in classrooms may change according to the teacher’s style of teaching, for example the modified classes study in groups due to their inquiry-based programme of study. Education and training materials used vary according to the grade. Students have lockers and are responsible for their tidiness and their spare belongings.


Information Technology

We believe in teaching through an information technology rich environment. Every classroom is equipped with a Smartboard© with lessons taught interactively by means of Interactive Whiteboards. Students are required to use IPads © in their learning and they reinforce what they learn in the lessons with their digital books, through the internet, and teacher- prepared materials on special software.


Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories

Our students learn in state-of-the art facilities in our newly refurbished laboratories. The labs have recently been upgraded and use university level infrastructure to prepare our students for tertiary education as learning by practice and experience is one of our basic principles. Students learn to pose scientific questions and then discover the solution through collaborative planning and practical work.  


Experiential Learning

The Arts makes a great contribution to personal development, extraordinary thinking, imagination and entrepreneurship and in Bahçeşehir Schools we aim to raise the artists of the future. Bahçeşehir Schools’ students become creative individuals who understand art and artists... In music, in visual arts, in theatre and in dance.  


Folk Dances and Dancing Hall

Our Folk Dance group participates in festivals throughout Europe every year and competes in international competitions. It has been the mainstay of Institutional and school level events. In our School, Dances and Folk Dances groups practice in the designated mirrored hall.



In our newly refurbished library, we are building a substantial collection, aiming for 25,000 books, both in hard copy and digital in order to support our students’ learning and research capabilities. This is supplemented by online databases supplied by EBSCO © so that our students can study for and complete a thesis-level piece of work such as an extended essay. There are Turkish and English literature books, academic books on humanities, mathematics and the sciences as well as test books, textbooks, TUBITAK science books, books about Atatürk, periodicals and daily newspapers that our students, teachers and parents can utilize. The library is catalogued using the Dewey system. Our library also has an ICT component with laptops to support the students’ learning. In consequence of Analysing the statistics we prepare at the end of the year, we award the students, teachers and parents who use the library the most. Our library is open to students, teachers, personnel and parents between 08:30 and 17:15 during weekdays.


Conference Hall

Our conference hall has capacity for 300 people and is used throughout the year for theatre shows, presentation of ceremonies, seminars, entertainment programmes, assembly and lesson presentations of students, concerts etc.



In our school, the catering is provided by our in-house catering company and is freshly cooked and served in situ by specialized cooks. All menus are considered by specialist dieticians in the Nutritional Committee and provide a healthy balanced diet for our students as healthy nutrition aids positive learning. The food list is prepared by for the healthiest nutrition of our students. Food lists are prepared on a monthly basis and presented to parents on our website every month.

In the school, food services offer three meals a day (breakfast, school lunch and an afternoon snack for KG and PS students)



 The cafeteria offers a variation for our students and provides snacks throughout the day.


Indoor – Outdoor Sports Halls

The newly completed Sports Hall gives our students the opportunity to enjoy learning through action thus promoting a healthy lifestyle and decision making. It is used as an exercising area for gym lessons, volleyball, basketball and football events. It also houses the folk dance practice area and fitness suite.


Table Tennis Room

The table tennis room is used during club events and breaks.  


Outdoor Tennis Court

The outdoor tennis court is used for gym lessons and club events.


Health Centre

Our Health service is staffed every day by the school nurse and a doctor is available during certain hours on a daily basis. It is open between 08.30 and 16.00. If the school nurse/doctor determines that the student is in a sufficiently serious condition, the school nurse contacts the student’s parents and may send the student home or to a hospital. The class teacher informs the parents about the student’s condition.